Local Love

Supporting our local community is a part of who we are. From events that directly benefit our youth and schools, to preserving our lake and natural resources, Charlie's donations recipients are focused on investing in the future of the community that supports us. 

For donations, please submit your request via email to info@charliesonprior.com. Please include the following information and send at least 30 days in advance of your event: 

  • Name of Group

  • Name, Date and Purpose of Event

  • The type of donation you are seeking

  • Your 501(c)(3) with a Tax ID number

Monday Night Givebacks

Are you interested in participating in Charlie's Monday Night Givebacks?

From October to April, Charlie's is looking for groups and teams of up to 100 kids to partner with on Monday nights.

10% of all sales from 4-close are donated to your youth group. Please send this information to info@charliesonprior.com if you're interested:

  • Name & Size of Group

  • Name and phone number of coordinator

  • Potential Monday nights that work for your group

Thank you!


Charlie's is a proud 2018/19 Prior Lake Athletics Booster Club Gold Sponsor


In 2018, Charlie's has supported the community through local causes: